Having Some Problems

Update: there is a difference between and The second one is owned by GenealogyBank.

Kerry Scott of Clue Wagon posted about her experiences with last month. I am an indirect subscriber to the service so I don’t have the same issues with aut-renewals. My subscription is included as part of my subscription to the R. B. Hayes Presidential Library.

The Gazette reports the company is now under investigation by the Iowa Attorney General’s Office.

People need to read the Terms of Service (ToS) before signing up with any company and always look for check-boxes as they scroll through the terms. If the ToS includes auto-renewal, read how soon you need to cancel to avoid being charged and if it’s X number of days or X number of business days. Best to allow a few extra days lead time if there’s a glitch. Set up an alert notice on your preferred calendar system. When the reminder pops up, check the site’s ToS to make sure they haven’t changed and verify what the renewal price will be. The fine print in the ToS should let you know if you are responsible for charges even if your old payment choice is no longer valid. Some companies will guess your new expiration date if your card has expired.


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